Insurance Support

Exploring new health insurance options? We have the resources to help you navigate the complexities of health insurance and identify coverage that helps meet your needs.

Who is eligible for this resource?

Only patients who have been prescribed Shire hematology products by their physician are eligible for this support.

Hematology Support Center can help

Too much insurance information to make sense of it all? Find out how HSC can help educate on insurance options.

Assistance with insurance access issues

Navigate insurance access issues

Patient education resources

Get access to downloadable tools, helpful worksheets, and other patient education resources

Insurance Tools

From comparing coverage options, to understanding your policy, to helping you with record keeping, our handy worksheets can better prepare you and may help make the process easier.

Print and use these tools as you research and determine
insurance coverage options.

Health Insurance Comparison Worksheet

Health Insurance Comparison Worksheet

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Record Keeping Worksheet

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About My Policy Worksheet

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Questions to ask Insurance Providers

Questions to ask Potential Insurance Providers

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